I ate my wafer...


Decision 2004:-)



Starting Friday, I have 2.5 weeks of exams. I suppose that since I only have to deal with it twice a year, it isn't that horrible. On the downside, it is stressful. Beer, caffeine and simple carb consuption it up. Sleep and exercise are down. The whole process would be much, much more pleasant if I had a solid plan for the summer. As many of you know, I've had three decent summer jobs fall through at the last minute, which greatly increases the stress level of exams. I suppose that will work itsself out though as I won't be done and ready to work until the first week of June anyway. Why not until the first week of June? Because I'm selling out to the man, thats why. Although I hypothetically may "grade on" to law review, I'm going to cover my butt and do the write on paper as well. Should I actually do Law Review? Damned if I know, but since trusting my networking connections (and the words of weasel-like hiring partners) has screwed me for this summer's job, I want to have all the advantages possible the next time around.

I supect part of the reason that I'm bothered by my inability to have, as of yet, a summer position is that I'm far too used to merely making a few phone calls, sending a few emails and making everything from anvils to beer materialize from thin air. Screw pride: if anyone knows a place that might hire a law student for the summer, drop a good word for me, and let me know.


Nothing like checking ones email to find that you won $50 in a contest that you didn't know existed.


Human Rights Watch: The good and the stupid. Part II
Second the good:

Prison Rape.

Since I like to keep "The Wafer" G-rated, I'm not going into details here, follow the links if you want to.

I believe that many of our correction institutions take inadequate precautions against prisoner on prisoner and officer on prisoner sexual assault. As much as it makes an easy joke, Prison rape carries pretty high societal costs. Between the public health problem, and the actually suffering of the inmates, it is a significant problem.

Since I'm a bleeding heart liberal about this, my solution would be, in part to aggressively decriminalize the softer drugs to free up prison space and money. Holding prison officials more accountable shouldn't be that difficult either.
It is time to stop sentencing convicts to 300 days in jail + 5 rapes!

Well, I just signed up for gmail from google...the 1gb storage was just too tempting! I'm still using my yahoo and msu accounts for normal communication.

Since everyone else is doing it:

Belief-o-matic thinks that I am:

1. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (100%)
2. Eastern Orthodox (93%)
3. Roman Catholic (93%)
4. Seventh Day Adventist (85%)
5. Orthodox Quaker (83%)
6. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (71%)
7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (67%)
8. Jehovah's Witness (66%)
9. Orthodox Judaism (65%)
10. Hinduism (58%)
11. Islam (57%)
12. Bahá'í Faith (46%)
13. Sikhism (46%)
14. Reform Judaism (37%)
15. Liberal Quakers (36%)
16. Jainism (33%)
17. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (30%)
18. Unitarian Universalism (28%)
19. Mahayana Buddhism (27%)
20. Theravada Buddhism (27%)
21. Scientology (24%)
22. Neo-Pagan (23%)
23. New Thought (21%)
24. Nontheist (21%)
25. New Age (14%)
26. Taoism (14%)
27. Secular Humanism (10%)

Page 23, sentence 5:

"If authorized by local rule, a party may make service under this subparagraph (D) through the court's transmission facilities"

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2002 Ed by Stephen C. Yeazell

I was profoundly tempted to cheat on the book, but it was sitting immediately next to my keyboard, as boring as it is.


Saturday morning, to paraphrase Rick James:

"Malt Liqour is a hell of a drug"


Junk food for the brain.


Does anyone else see a budding church-state seperation problem here?


I'm as old as...Usenet.

Yup, another birthday, I'm old enough now to have herds of grey hairs! Oh well, it doesn't look too bad on my dad.

I did pretty well at the oral argument on Saturday, which means my class from hell is completely over now. After the argument, I had lunch, including a glass of Oberon with my opponent, who was quite interested in Hillsdale given his undergrad education.

Saturday evening was spent in Hillsdale where I was happy to see many old friends. It was definitely a fun evening, even if we did nearly freeze Brandon to death. In the process, I discovered that my car's exhaust system hits the frame when a member of the baby rhino club sits in the passenger seat...its an easy fix, but amusing none the less.

Sunday I made it to church on <3hours href="http://www.lancs.ac.uk/iss/a-virus/spyware.htm">deinfested my mother's computer, and eventually returned to Lansing via a stop in Hillsdale to talk to Dick Stack. Rather hilariously, I got to feel like a Looney Tunes character in the following conversation:

Mr. Stack: "...and eventually, I think I'll need a bigger anvil"

Me: "Uhh, I might have an anvil"

Mr. Stack: *questioning look*, thinks: why the hell would I have an anvil...

Me: Well, you see, it sort of an odd coincidence, but a blacksmith used to own my grandmother's house, and ....