I ate my wafer...


Computer woes...and the 16 year old keyboard lives!I

know, I know, Iā€™m about to slip down to ā€œa cold day in hell.ā€ Do to a vareity of misfourtunes, I've been basically without reliable internet for the last week or so. First, my brand new laptop's power supply went out, initially refusing to charge the battery, then failing to provide enough current to run the network card. Then, my Desktop's mouse went out, which I replaced with a cool blue glowing IBM mouse. As soon as I replaced the mouse, my keyboard started to act up (I spilled beer on it), at first, I assumed that the keyboard was dead, since was from a 386SX desktop that I had bought used in about 1993 (The keyboard's build date was Sept. 1987) So, I ordered a new one, but no sooner than I had done that, on a whim, I searched for info on my orignal keyboard. Due to the high level of irony in my life, it turns out that the nerd community happens to love that particular model of keyboard, and it was easily fixed (rinse out throughly with hot water and allow to dry for a couple of days). On top of all of these problems, Michigan State had problems with their T3 lines, so as soon as I fixed all of the other problems, I lost internet service. Sigh. But I'm back, and everything works now.