I ate my wafer...


Listening to 1970's classic rock, there appears to be two distinct camps: Bob Seeger fans and Eagles fans. I'm in the middle on this one, I heard a lot of the Eagles, mostly Desperado, growing up, and "Bob Seeger's Greatest Hits" was the only CD I had after an unfortunate car accident in high school. I'm resisting the temptation to identify which of my friends prefer which artist, but if anyone wants to comment, I'd be interested to hear your opinion.


As your attorney I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top.

-So, apparently I have a Hunter S. Thompson (or would it be Oscar Zeta Acosta?) theme going at the moment. It could be worse, I didn't publically accuse August of homosexuality while in the deep south after spraying him with the Mace. The whole matter really should be simply blamed on bad peer influences while young.

-In other, completely unrelated news, I take the MPRE on November 4th. Any studying related advise would be appreciated, though I'm not that concerned about it. Also, the USPTO has approved my application to take the patent bar, so I'll be doing that shortly as well.

-I have a new, recreational, goal of shooting a minimum of 150 pellets per week from my Webley Tempest. This is sort of a modified version of David Tubb's off season air rifle training method, transposed to pistol.


First off:

1. Children smell vaguely funny. Sometimes they smell OK, othertimes they smell outright bad. Yes, I've been around breastfed infants, and NO, I don't think their "poo" smells magically better.

2. Other than smelling funny, children are ok. Some of them are cute, some of them are smart, etc. They even have small hands well suited to loosening water-pump bolts.

So, back to the funny smelling part. Infants and some extremely elderly persons share the unfortunate aroma of...well...carrying around bags of crap. So, reducing the amount of time it takes to toilet train infants would appear to be a good idea. Unfortunately, unlike the average puppy that requires mere weeks of effort, infants traditionally ( for 20th century U.S. parents anyway) take years of smelling funny before they escape the diaper.

Which, brings us to the whole "diaper-free" school of thought. In response to a NYT Oppinion piece on the topic, Slate has an article trashing the idea on the grounds that it is sort of vaguely bad for women. Personally, I don't see how exactly a quicker end to toilet training would be anti-career, or otherwise disadvantageous to women. Am I missing the vast misogynist conspiracy on this one?


Apparently, if you let your pet python loose, it will grow into a 13 foot monster that battles alligators. There is apparently some concern that after the pythons finish off the gator population, they'll move on to eating children. Suddenly, I'm reminded of why I like winter...it kills off the giant snakes before they get large enough to eat me.