I ate my wafer...


Dog Barking Causes Child to Emit Lethal Noises

Every now and again, I get disillusioned with the whole legal profession thing, and I get depressed thinking about how completely irrational the U.S. court system is.

Then again, in comparison, I'm pretty sure there's not a U.S. common law tort for "your kid screamed loud enough that all my chickens died". So, hell, its not great, but our system seems to work most of the time.


Science Scouts, etc

I just found a great link to the Science Scouts merit badges, courtesy of my old friend gauche in my comments. (I would point out that even when writing a 5 line comment, gauche demonstrates an ability to write better than 99.5% of the general population. His blogging is almost always worth reading, though perhaps it requires an acquired taste for lyrical, clever, and sometimes melancholic prose.)

Anyway, I encourage everyone to comment as to which science scout merit badges I'm qualified for, or that they personally are qualified for. Although they certainly wouldn't be BSA official, my boy scout troop definitely worked on some of the Science Scouts badges, espicially those which relate to fire, electricity, explosions, and open flames. So perhaps the Science Scouts have quite a bit in common with their camping and hiking brethren. Additionally, in one of those weird strange accidents of history, boy scouts from my hometown are historically linked to science.