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Science Scouts, etc

I just found a great link to the Science Scouts merit badges, courtesy of my old friend gauche in my comments. (I would point out that even when writing a 5 line comment, gauche demonstrates an ability to write better than 99.5% of the general population. His blogging is almost always worth reading, though perhaps it requires an acquired taste for lyrical, clever, and sometimes melancholic prose.)

Anyway, I encourage everyone to comment as to which science scout merit badges I'm qualified for, or that they personally are qualified for. Although they certainly wouldn't be BSA official, my boy scout troop definitely worked on some of the Science Scouts badges, espicially those which relate to fire, electricity, explosions, and open flames. So perhaps the Science Scouts have quite a bit in common with their camping and hiking brethren. Additionally, in one of those weird strange accidents of history, boy scouts from my hometown are historically linked to science.


  • I enthusiastically second your assesment of the gauche's writing.

    By Anonymous pjk, at 11:26 AM  

  • “Taking Science”
    Poss. “MacGyver Badge” … it SOUNDS right but I am failing to think of examples (of which I am sure many exist)
    “I blog Science badge”
    “I am pretty confident around an open flame”
    "inappropriate nocturnal use of lab equipment in the name of alternative science experimentation / communication" all the way
    "destroyer of quackery"
    "my degree inadvertantly makes me competent in fixing household appliances" sort of
    Poss. "I left the respectable sciences to pursue humanistic studies of the sciences"
    All of the freezing ones
    "I've done science with no concievable practical application"
    "I know what a tadpole is"
    I am sure of all of the electrical ones … I know I deserve all of those
    Ahem "totally digs highly exothermic reactions"
    All fire badges
    "works with acids"

    hmmm for myself …
    As I already said all of the electrical badges … I DEMAND Arts & Crafts! I think I got a degree and went for my masters in Science Arts and Crafts. Hmmm the first two freezing ones … I am pretty confident around an open flame … hmmm semen collection possibly … but that is just because I am from Wisconsin (wait. That came out wrong. Oooh it just got worse. I give up.) I know what a tadpole is. I think I have earned the first two fire ones … I am far less interesting than Bob.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 1:02 PM  

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