I ate my wafer...


Jake Allen has been whining like a little girl in my comments about my old link to him, so I fixed it. Jake has been posting up a storm lately, so it is worth listening to his radio show, I mean reading his blog. Note: Jake is afraid of taxes, gay persons, transgendered persons, and terrorists . He also is more of a redneck than I am, as he resides in the south, and watches NASCAR.

On the otherhand he is one of the more regular posters in the Hillsdale Blogging community, and you can enjoy the stimulating discussions between his enemies list (Sam, Myself, etc) and the forces of evil, I mean Jake, Blandus, and others.


Now using blogger comments, test them out for me.

New layout, because the blogger update somehow killed my template...how exactly, I don't understand. So be it, since I've totally sold my soul to google, and typepad was unable to transfer my blogger posts, I'm going to be here on blogger for a while.

Links should be back up fairly soon, I'm experimenting with various layouts for them. I'll probably move to a Prizio/Silliman/Seraphim style grouping of links.


Valerie Silliman got my last gmail invite...for the rest of you, I'm sure that google will open up more slots shortly.

I'd like to think that I picked up some sort of Karma bonus for NOT selling my gmail invites on ebay.


Maybe I need to change my position on the war in Iraq, I wonder if I can find an OCS slot and get there in time!


I have a four hour exam at 1 pm Saturday...is there no justice in the world.

Anyone that wants one of my two free gmail invites, drop me an email or a comment.


Laser heads-up displays that scan directly on the retina?!?

Very cool, though my knee jerk reaction was to worry about long term risks, as detirming damage from laser exposure is an inexact art. Though, I think I'll sign up for one as long as possible and use it to get my google/blogger/gmail/soma/milk-plus faster.