I ate my wafer...


Is it just me, or is there something a little cool about the high school kid that snuck into iraq for his high school journalism class?


My next exam is open book, so I flagged out my book with post-it notes. Unfortunately, I did it at a friend's house with her post-it pad, so...I flagged it out with "Princess" notes. Which says, ahh, I'm confident in my sexuality?


Is law school high pressure?

I just got out of a difficult exam, with fair questions, but far too many to be answered in the time allowed. I’m not complaining though, being that one of my classmates was barely conscious throughout the exam, having checked herself out of the hospital an hour earlier. She had been in pre-op for an emergency appendectomy, but stood up and walked out rather than take the grade hit for missing the exam. She had apparently forced her way out, even at some risk of the appendix rupturing during the exam, and was bent over from the pain, having refused pain meds that might compromise her performance. She still had the hospital bracelets on, and was seeking blood through the bandage where her IV line had been only minutes earlier.


Yet another step closer to the real world...

MPRE scores are back. I passed.


In the wacky pseudo-news corner, scientists drill into hell and record screams of the damned. ( scroll down ) I personally had no doubt that hell was warm and in the center of the earth, being that the law school heats the sidewalk with excess heat from the portal in the basement.

What's next, Air Suspension Cozy Coupes?

I just saw an undergrad, in the snow, riding a bicycle with spinners. Unfortunately in this field, Family Guy apparently predicts the future. Where's the norplant cannon when I need it.

Still deep in paper purgatory.

*more requests added*

I use Microsoft Word to write papers. It irritates me with default settings that require changing such as auto-formatting and the like, but openoffice rather is shaky about keeping footnotes coherent when changing formatting. Since I type everything in single spaced Times New Roman 10 pt, then blow it up to the required font and spacing later, it is a great irritation to continually wonder if open office is scrambling footnotes. Not to mention that OpenOffice likes the XML based formats that you can't open in word in an emergency.

Anyway, things I want to know about word, but am too lazy to figure out:

1. I want "Paste" or the keyboard Ctrl+v shortcut to always execute a "Paste Special"-unformatted text option. Otherwise copying url citations is a severe pain. I know that there is a keyboard command option for Paste Special, but that still pops up a dialog box.

2. Is there a nice way to open and merge OneNote files into Word? Or a way to insert excel tables into OneNote?

3. Is there a simple way to tell Word to disable all merging of changed documents? Or to save backup copies that it will stay away from merging, yet I can email to myself for insurance?

4. How does one disable ALL of the automatic Bold/Italics/Underline formating in Word 2003? That is, I've turned off everything I can think of, yet if I space down to a new line (Enter), then hit (Ctrl)+(b), sometimes Word refuses to give the new text bold formatting. This annoys me, and leads to thoughts of violence, not to mention increased obscenity usage. Which could kill us all.


Current non-productive thoughts:

I'm reconsidering my current, post-law school, plan to buy a diesel liberty, perhaps it would make more sense to buy something more 3-season and keep the GMC around for bad weather. It wouldn't be practical, but it would be cheap and fun. Then again, a convertible roadster is a bit redundant given my existing, and currently under complete restoration, summer fun vehicle.

So, with a nod to my likewise suffering friends in the HBC, the rest of my semester:

7,000 word, Food and Drug law paper.

Seven (7) page Rule 26(f) Discovery plan for Patent Litigation.

Take home Exam in Biotechnology and Pharma. Patent

Business Entitites Exam

Law and Religion Exam

Intellectual Property Licensing Exam

Patent Lititgation Exam

Law school, is, indeed, of the devil.