I ate my wafer...


Still deep in paper purgatory.

*more requests added*

I use Microsoft Word to write papers. It irritates me with default settings that require changing such as auto-formatting and the like, but openoffice rather is shaky about keeping footnotes coherent when changing formatting. Since I type everything in single spaced Times New Roman 10 pt, then blow it up to the required font and spacing later, it is a great irritation to continually wonder if open office is scrambling footnotes. Not to mention that OpenOffice likes the XML based formats that you can't open in word in an emergency.

Anyway, things I want to know about word, but am too lazy to figure out:

1. I want "Paste" or the keyboard Ctrl+v shortcut to always execute a "Paste Special"-unformatted text option. Otherwise copying url citations is a severe pain. I know that there is a keyboard command option for Paste Special, but that still pops up a dialog box.

2. Is there a nice way to open and merge OneNote files into Word? Or a way to insert excel tables into OneNote?

3. Is there a simple way to tell Word to disable all merging of changed documents? Or to save backup copies that it will stay away from merging, yet I can email to myself for insurance?

4. How does one disable ALL of the automatic Bold/Italics/Underline formating in Word 2003? That is, I've turned off everything I can think of, yet if I space down to a new line (Enter), then hit (Ctrl)+(b), sometimes Word refuses to give the new text bold formatting. This annoys me, and leads to thoughts of violence, not to mention increased obscenity usage. Which could kill us all.


  • I think you should check out http://answers.yahoo.com and put your questions on there and see what people come up with...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:08 AM  

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