I ate my wafer...


A. I rearranged half of my schedule today, and now have 15 hours, and no classes on Mondays or Fridays. That's right, four day weekends, every week. Also, I swapped "e-commerce" for "law and religion" which not only cuts my paper load from 3 to 2, the religion class seemed very interesting this afternoon, especially compared to the e-commerce class yesterday morning.

B. I have the longest beard I've ever had at the moment. It itches. When does the itching stop?


So classes technically start on Friday for me, though, due to a lack of Friday classes, I don't need to be back in Lansing until Monday at 11:00 AM. My motivation is pretty shot at the moment, certainly I'll drive over to Lansing either Sunday or Monday and start classes at the appropriate time, but I'm hardly looking forward to it. None of the grades from this next semester will count towards the job interview season, and perhaps one 2 hour class out of a 17 hour schedule actually looks interesting. On a brighter note, studying for the patent bar has been going OK, which should help the job hunt for that first *real* job out of law school.


I may well be the worst blogger on the planet, though in my defense, I haven't done much this summer that was both interesting and blogsafe. Well, I suppose I lost or destroyed 4 cell phones in a 6 week period. I read a great deal. I drank a good bit of decent beer and fine whiskey. (And rather unfortunately, Sangria one night.) I flew a little, shot a little, and rode over 1000 miles in the last 30 days. I smoked some good cigars. I bought stuff. I watched a lot of movies, from basically everything that fell out of a Hollywood studio this summer to the more obscure. I attended a drive-in movie. I brewed some beer. I probably did other things too that I can't think of.

All said, it was a good time, perhaps the most enjoyable summer I've had as an adult. I was blissfully isololated from the industrial purgatory that characterized many of my Hillsdale summers. I wasn't stuck in Montpelier without friends. I managed to do a little bit of all of the hobbies and activities I wanted to. Even the end of the summer should be fairly pleasant, with several weeks of studying for the patent bar, alternated with sitting on the deck and otherwise relaxing.