I ate my wafer...


I may well be the worst blogger on the planet, though in my defense, I haven't done much this summer that was both interesting and blogsafe. Well, I suppose I lost or destroyed 4 cell phones in a 6 week period. I read a great deal. I drank a good bit of decent beer and fine whiskey. (And rather unfortunately, Sangria one night.) I flew a little, shot a little, and rode over 1000 miles in the last 30 days. I smoked some good cigars. I bought stuff. I watched a lot of movies, from basically everything that fell out of a Hollywood studio this summer to the more obscure. I attended a drive-in movie. I brewed some beer. I probably did other things too that I can't think of.

All said, it was a good time, perhaps the most enjoyable summer I've had as an adult. I was blissfully isololated from the industrial purgatory that characterized many of my Hillsdale summers. I wasn't stuck in Montpelier without friends. I managed to do a little bit of all of the hobbies and activities I wanted to. Even the end of the summer should be fairly pleasant, with several weeks of studying for the patent bar, alternated with sitting on the deck and otherwise relaxing.


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