I ate my wafer...


Funny Bits

Radio ad:

"For those romantically involved with Dad, Warrior's Retreat offers a full line of lingerie and adult literature"

Involved with their dads? Wow, I guess incest is a serious issue here in the bible belt what literalists reading Genesis 19:1-7.

From Work, Spell Check is evil:

"Following the viscous dog's attack"

(viscous was used in place of vicious at least 10 times in a single page document)

Dell rhymes with...

You know that nice feeling when you've finally setup everything on a computer exactly perfect? I had that about two weeks ago with my Dell Laptop. I had a slick setup of dual booting Windows XP and Fedora Linux. I even had everything working under Linux.
My MP3's were organized. I had Microsoft Streets and Trips set up perfectly with my GPS installed. WinALDL was working great. It was, in fact, too good to be true, so the underpants gnomes killed my hard drive and I lost it.

So, I've just spent a fun weekend reinstalling stuff onto my laptop's new harddrive. Dell, despite their engineering errors has at least coughed up new hardware quickly (In the last 9 months: 1 AC adaptor, 1 display screen, 1 hard drive, and a new set of rubber feet). Fortunately, I had copies of most everything important, minus some half finished blog posts on animal sexuality and ethanol based gasoline.


Job Stuff

I know, I should have posted something in the last week or so, but I have been busy.

The Cliff notes version is that I left Lansing, hung out in Hillsdale working on a "write on" paper, and finally started work.

Work is, ahh interesting. More to follow.