I ate my wafer...


I'm as old as...Usenet.

Yup, another birthday, I'm old enough now to have herds of grey hairs! Oh well, it doesn't look too bad on my dad.

I did pretty well at the oral argument on Saturday, which means my class from hell is completely over now. After the argument, I had lunch, including a glass of Oberon with my opponent, who was quite interested in Hillsdale given his undergrad education.

Saturday evening was spent in Hillsdale where I was happy to see many old friends. It was definitely a fun evening, even if we did nearly freeze Brandon to death. In the process, I discovered that my car's exhaust system hits the frame when a member of the baby rhino club sits in the passenger seat...its an easy fix, but amusing none the less.

Sunday I made it to church on <3hours href="http://www.lancs.ac.uk/iss/a-virus/spyware.htm">deinfested my mother's computer, and eventually returned to Lansing via a stop in Hillsdale to talk to Dick Stack. Rather hilariously, I got to feel like a Looney Tunes character in the following conversation:

Mr. Stack: "...and eventually, I think I'll need a bigger anvil"

Me: "Uhh, I might have an anvil"

Mr. Stack: *questioning look*, thinks: why the hell would I have an anvil...

Me: Well, you see, it sort of an odd coincidence, but a blacksmith used to own my grandmother's house, and ....