I ate my wafer...



Starting Friday, I have 2.5 weeks of exams. I suppose that since I only have to deal with it twice a year, it isn't that horrible. On the downside, it is stressful. Beer, caffeine and simple carb consuption it up. Sleep and exercise are down. The whole process would be much, much more pleasant if I had a solid plan for the summer. As many of you know, I've had three decent summer jobs fall through at the last minute, which greatly increases the stress level of exams. I suppose that will work itsself out though as I won't be done and ready to work until the first week of June anyway. Why not until the first week of June? Because I'm selling out to the man, thats why. Although I hypothetically may "grade on" to law review, I'm going to cover my butt and do the write on paper as well. Should I actually do Law Review? Damned if I know, but since trusting my networking connections (and the words of weasel-like hiring partners) has screwed me for this summer's job, I want to have all the advantages possible the next time around.

I supect part of the reason that I'm bothered by my inability to have, as of yet, a summer position is that I'm far too used to merely making a few phone calls, sending a few emails and making everything from anvils to beer materialize from thin air. Screw pride: if anyone knows a place that might hire a law student for the summer, drop a good word for me, and let me know.