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Beer crisis in Germany

So, Spigel International has a fascinating little piece about the decline of the brewing industry in Germany. Coming from a long lineage of German brewers*, this is, of course bad news to my mind, and if German beer consumption drops below 100L/per person/year it may even be a sign of the end times. Besides somewhat reasonable health concerns, apparently much of the decline is due to German youth drinking evil hard lemonade "malt beverages". Frankly, it is fine with me if the various German states (and U.S. ones) taxed the crap out of Mike's Hard Lemonade to boost beer consumption. Besides tasting like effeminate cool-aid, the alchopop beverages have about as much tradition and variety as Kraft Easy-Mac.

*In my family, the German agricultural traditions are still strong, and can be simplified as: 1. Properly tile and drain your land. 2. Kill all rodent and insect pests. 3. Ensure adequate beer supply.

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