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So...apparently you can transplant arms into non-arm places

So, I was poking around in the medical blogosphere yesterday and ran into a fascinating article over at Unbounded Medicine on Deferred Transitory Heterotopic Implant surgery. What exactly would that be? Well, apparently, the short version is that some poor guy had his arm amputated, then reattached surgically, then a couple of days later the surgeons had to operate to treat an infection on the surgical site. Apparently, since the arm had sat in a ditch for a while before reattachment, they needed to remove it completely, and graft it onto the man's groin for a couple weeks. Oddly (and somewhat hillariously), apparently when the man woke up from aneseia, the surgeons only told him that they had to attach the arm somewhere else on his body, and "After a couple of hours he realized that the arm was on his leg." (There's very little blood in the pictures, but they probably aren't for the squeamish.) First off, if I ever need a Deferred Transitory Heterotopic Implant, I'd just assume not play "where on my body did the surgeons hide it" while recovering from stupifying drugs.

I suppose to be fair, the possibilities for using this technique to add an extra arm shouldn't be underrated. Given the electronic control advances for parapelegics, it should be possible to control an extra arm, which has all sorts of possibilties for halloween, rewinding recoil starters, and last but not least, getting the damn rebound spring back into Astra revolvers.


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