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Geocaching, Sextants, and etc.

So, I've played around with geocaching recently, which does have some of what I like about Urban Exploring, namely the whole sneaking around somewhere commonplace to do something relatively interesting and secret. This afternoon while in the process of waiting for @#$% Microsoft Access @#$% laboriously compact a large database, I was poking around on the internet considering the purchase of a GPS when I realized that I no longer own a sextant, and my celestial navigation skills are certainly getting rusty. Besides bidding on a sextant, I fired up google to see if someone had posted the relevant tables online.

When I found them, I realized that usually in situations where one would be navigating by the stars it is a bit hard to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. But then again, there's always that one time where you have internet, or perhaps text messaging from your sinking boat, but have no idea where the heck you're at.

As a side note, if I ever write a list of skills that all humans should have, ala Heinlein, celestial navigation will certainly make the list.


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