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So, I have a half-finished post about vaccination floating around, but rather than post it, I've decided to focus on the following quotation:

“there is no scientific proof that immunization prevents disease; that vaccinations cause more disease than they prevent; and that contracting an infectious disease is safer than immunization..”

Apparently, 1/3 of surveyed chiropractors agreed with that statement! What sort of new idiocy is this! I mean, the statement doesn't say that you're not likely, via herd immunity to contract a disease if you don't get the vaccination; it says that it is safer to contract, say polio, than to get the shot.

I've never been a big fan of chiropractors, frankly, I've long believed that what little good there is in manipulative therapy is limited to what a decent massage therapist or D.O. does. Besides the outright quackery, chiropractors try to set up patterns of repeat business that resemble psychological addiction. I've never heard of a financially successful chiropractor that didn't try to get his victims to come back every week, whether they needed it or not. There's a whole litany of other concerns, ranging from increased insurance costs and malpractice to lethal spinal injuries.

So, recommend that everyone checks out the various links and information available at chirobase (which is part of the EXCELLENT quackwatch family of websites).


  • you bring up an interesting phenomenon... it seems like people who start going to the chiropractor are always in pain and never fixed, yet always going back... hmmm... I could be on the wrong track here, but i've seen the same thing from people who take minor allergy medication for stuffy noses, and others who go in for psychotherepy... people are happy to tell you there's something wrong with you, but more reluctant to tell you that you're fixed, especially when that means the end of a revenue stream... I'm tempted to draw a tentative comparison to "international do-gooders," people who make tons of cash working in third-world development and such... if they do a really good job, they're out of a job.

    I'm not suggesting a conspiracy or anything... it just seems like there should be a word for this phenomenon, the unique position of providing a service that is supposed to eliminate your market, where it would be in your interest to not do a complete job, or even do it in such a way as to increase the need for the service itself.

    someone call an economist.

    By Blogger The Gringo Himself, at 2:12 PM  

  • I know several people who say things like this. Who "don't believe" in vaccination, I think in most of those cases it is more of a herd immunity thing rather than a belief that contracting a disease is better than getting a vaccine. I was still agog though. Esp. when one of these individuals implied that my childhood issues with allergies and the time I had Scarlett Fever had a direct and causal relationship with my getting vaccinated as a child.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 5:36 PM  

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