I ate my wafer...


A quick update to the dog food business...

I didn't mean to imply that Drummond was sending dog food in the post below, the stories I linked clearly pointed out that it was a different product. I'd guess that its not that dissimilar of a product, since Ms. Drummond originally planned on sending dog biscuits, then changed her mind due to the age of the children involved:

"The first plan was to send dog biscuits and change the vitamins then when I heard there were so many little children I could not send them a bicky..."

(I'd point out that I'm a bit suspicious of Ms. Drummond's claim that her dog food has miraculous naturopathic and homeopathic properties, but the biscuits sound much tastier than the brand-x powerbar I ate this morning.)

In any case, its not dog food. I can understand the random yokels thinking that it actually is dog food, but the attitude of the African journalists and government officials on the topic is insane. There's even an editorial in the Harare Herald (State-owned mouthpiece) that uses Drummond as an example of what's good about grain diverting, aid theifing, all around jackass, Robert Mugabe.


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