I ate my wafer...


Maybe I'm getting due for a different car...

So, on the way home for Thanksgiving, the roads were horrid, and a number of cars were stuck or disabled at the side of the road. Of the ones that I stopped for, only one stands out: an early 1990's Oldsmobile. It was a rusty, barely functional car, stopped at the roadside with the hood up. The owner was pouring brand X antifreeze into the radiator when I stopped:

Bob: So, hey, are you OK?

Redneck: Yeah...

Bob: You sure? You need any tools or anything? Can I help you with it?

Redneck: Naw...I just gotta add coolant every 30 miles or so.

Bob: Ok...You sure that we can't fix the leak or something?

Redneck: No....Hey, you want to buy another one of those?

Bob: Heh....Heh, no, I can only drive one at a time.

Redneck: Naw, you can put mine up on blocks for parts for that one you're driving. Hell I have it in my yard for parts, but I don't need it any more now that I traded up to this car. Think about it, you gotta need parts.


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