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Some brief thoughts on the Hurricane:

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A. Stop being so damn surprised. This goes for both the general public and the media, but especially the media. My parents receive U.S. News and World Reports, and often, but not always have National Geographic around as well. This is relevant because the very last time that I was in Montpelier, I flipped through several weeks worth of U.S. News, including the July 18th issue. Reading that article reminded me, fleetingly at the time, of an article in National Geographic with a cool photo of a man wading in deep water with a B&W picture of Hurricane devastation. Also, last month's Discover Magazine ran an article about the cyclic nature of Hurricane seasons that clearly indicated that this fall would be a busy one metrologically.

B. I'd be pretty cautious about claiming that Hurricanes are more common or prevalent now than in the past. The historical stats on Hurricane occurrence are particularly good since there are few unrecorded Hurricanes (that touch land) compared to the relatively high percentage of, say unrecorded tornados 100 years ago.


  • "If a hurricane comes next month," says Ivor van Heerden, director of Louisiana State University's Center for the Study of Public Health Impacts of Hurricanes, "New Orleans could no longer exist."

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