I ate my wafer...


Things that may require me to perfect the norplant launcher:

1. People that use the speakerphone function on their cell phones while walking. Come on folks, is it that hard to walk with the phone actually against your ear rather than 6" away? Not only is it annoying to receive such a phone call, complete with background and wind noise; it is annoying to have to listen to as a bystander.

2. College students riding the "chopper" styled bicycles. Who the hell pays $250 for a one speed bike that is hard to pedal (wide tyre=rolling resistance) and painful to ride? You people look absolutely moronic.

3. Segway users. As if America needed a new way to avoid exercise and make sidewalks dangerous for pedestrians. On the upside the technology is sort of vaguely interesting for 5 minutes, and they are pretty fun to watch on ice.


  • I got a great story for you about the development of those POS.

    By Blogger Finite, at 9:14 AM  

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