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So, in one of my classes, I was introduced to the anti-boycott laws a couple weeks ago, and I think its a very interesting topic. I had thought about mentioning it here, but since the law is over 20 years old, I assumed that probably it was widely know, and I had been living in a cave. Anyway, I just mentioned in conversation with a friend that has a broad backround in international business, and he was completely shocked too. The law is entirely too broadly written, and extremely scary stuff. So, not only are U.S. businesses restricted from any involvement, no matter how tangental in a boycott, they can be punished just for failing to report an inappropriate question or form, even if no actual business deal is closed. Not to sound like chicken little, but this is "madness". I would bet that virtually every U.S. business that conducts ANY international trade violates the letter of the law occasionally.


  • Do you know any of the purposes or legislative history behind the Boycott laws?

    By Blogger philip, at 2:51 PM  

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