I ate my wafer...


Most people are familar with the JFK invented, or at least borrowed "chinese" curse, "may you live in interesting times." The modern equivalent should be, "may your elders tell you that you have lots of potential, and you'll be good at whatever you do." I've been hearing that for at least 15 years now, and it increasingly turns into a curse in my mind. (The majority of my friends are twixters, so they should understand that having lots of potential seems empty and hollow at times.)

In anycase, after not pursuing a career as a tool & die maker, a high school science instuctor, a physicist, an engineer, a forensic scientist, car mechanic, etc, etc, I'm finally lining up the patent bar for early this summer. And I'm setting up interviews for...the first real job for a year from now. Following the cardinal rule of blogging, which I learned at a significant career cost, I won't mention ANY details, but I have an interesting summer job lined up in IP.


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