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Hmm...random links I've promised people:

1.Tree planting in Israel...suffice it to say that my mom probably shouldn't give them money, the rest of the story is probably not blog safe.

2. What your "Check Engine"/"Service Engine Soon" light means, at no cost, on most pre-1996 cars:

GM: Get a paperclip. Here's the possible codes. There are other codes too and they very a little year to year...use google. For extra credit, you can use the paperclip to check your air/fuel mixture with field service mode.

Chrysler: All you need is the key!

Ford: You need a jumper wire. You can use almost anything for it, maybe even a paperclip if it will reach between the "Signal Return" and "Self Test Input" connectors. and you can keep it from grounding against the car body.

I'm way too lazy to type up all of the myriad japanese and european code retrival methods, but I'll gladly answer specifc questions...or you can use google.

3. Christian Analysis of American Culture Ministry: movie reviews. Either you see the humor in them...or you don't (try beer). I happen to find some of the reviews extremely amusing, usually in the "WISDOM" analysis. (Hint, look at the Impudence/Hate and Offenses to God sections).


  • Wait, I'm confused. Is it that you think it's ok to foster in today's youth impudence/hate or offenses to God?


    By Blogger David Talcott, at 7:02 PM  

  • Because of you Bob I am thinking about planting more trees just because what else would I do with $18 dollars and I care.

    By Blogger Ninja, at 11:43 PM  

  • No dave, you're right, films like "Its a Wonderful Life" and "Veggie Tales-Lyle the Kindly Viking" foster impudence and lead children to eternal damnation.

    By Blogger Bob, at 12:17 PM  

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