I ate my wafer...


#!$%@# Blogger just ate a much longer version of this post...

Yet another items wanted list:

1. 4" mill vise, note I said FOUR not the usual SIX.

2. 50 BMG barrel(s), preferable very cheap and shot out M2 machine gun barrels or similar.

3. A set of .50 BMG chamber reamers to borrow. (Yes, I can just break down and make a set...but I really don't like making reamers that much, my feel for the angles, even cheating with a certain high quality piece of optics is merely adequate.)

4. Engineering information on high-low pressure internal balistics. I'm talking about the German developements used in the PAW 600 and eventually "borrowed" for the US m79/m203 launcers. I need to know how to pick propellants, orrifice sizes, chamber volume ratios the whole works.

5. Information on driving Luxeon 5 watt LED's. Yes I should remember how to design efficent DC-DC constant amperage solid state circuits, but I'm afraid of toasting a $30 LED in a rather spectular way in the process of building a...

6. A motorcycle. Interested in >600cc Japanese "bare" bikes like a Honda Magna or a Suzuki GS 850 G. Even more interested in an "air head" BMW, even to the point of of a basketcase one. Even MORE interested in a Henderson if you happen to have one sitting around rusting away.

7. Information about the relative merits of "fair trade" coffee (and other ag products from the 3rd world). I'm suspicious of the concept, but have no real rational oppinion yet, but probably should research the matter.

8. Any thoughts about the Daimler Common Rail Diesel engine, I'm debating a CRD Jeep...compared to a hybrid escape.

9. Reccomendations on a good cigar cutter.


  • I can probably give you some info on the CRD this summer, I'm probably going to be looking into some stuff with Daimler on new engine development and production methods.

    Also, you are looking for info on the high/low pressure rounds used in the 40mm?

    By Blogger Finite, at 11:52 PM  

  • Oh, and the cigar cutters with opposing blades seem to work nicely and give a good clean cut without possibly leaving ragged ends.

    By Blogger Finite, at 11:55 PM  

  • No hurry on the daimler CRD stuff. I thought they built those engines in italy at Motori not in the CONUS anyway, but they have some american externals, like garett turbos...

    Well no not exactly 40mm...I'm looking into the internal balistics of high/low in general...I want to use if for...something else. Mwhahahaha.

    Hmm...I'm debating between a opposing blades thing, a plug cutter, or a v cutter...

    By Blogger Bob, at 1:23 AM  

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