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Random factiods

A. I went with cingular, since that makes about 75% of my calling mobile to mobile. I apparently have, however, no friends as I've only received ONE call since getting it two days ago. Not that I'm complaining, it is nice to ease slowly back into an electronic leash. And if anyone cares: (517) 775 9815.

B. Due to my OH drivers license, the large quantity, and the OSU/MSU basketball rivalry, I was accused of plotting a mass murder yesterday while buying ammunition. Why was I buying lots of 7.62x39mm ammunition? Because: it was on sale, and I have to test all of the AK's I'm building this week. Why build AK's? Because I've never done it before and it IS legal and safe, I'll follow the silly 922 and NFA stuff. (insert evil laughter if the AWB comes back, and I have a lifetime supply of "pre-ban" experimenting fodder) Sigh, I really should be building .50 BMG rifles or some more really big lasers because that seems more easily linked to terrorism and banable. (And yes, I expect mr. frank to make a comment about the first line of paragraph 4 of the brady link.)

C. I had an utterly hillarious conversation with my dad yesterday where he discussed how much fun it was to get a complete blood workup by comparing it to doing spectro analysis on lubricating oil. That is...really twisted, though I should be simply happy that his numbers accross the board were very good, and I don't have to worry about a genetic predisposition to cholesterol issues or similar.


  • Bob,

    Although you may post about the other blogs on Blogger, that doesn't change the fact that you broke down and got a Xanga name.



    See you whenever you get down here.

    By Blogger August., at 5:28 PM  

  • Bob, What are you doing with these AKs after you build them?

    I thinking you need to have an AK building party at the Beat and that there's probably a few of us who'd want to help you test them.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 PM  

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