I ate my wafer...


I've posted a lot of longish and serious stuff lately on herbal medicine. Since I don't want people to think I just sit around thinking profoundly all the time, I think some lighter material is in order:

The AK receiver project was successful, and one of the receivers has already seen about 200 rounds. I am curious about building some milled receivers now, or possibly some RPK stamped ones (I'd have to make a new die, or at least add some features to my current one to accommodate the RPK buldge trunnion.) Does anyone know where I can find a good milled AK blueprint? Or have one that I can measure for a couple hours?

While I was adjusting the rail positions on one receiver with my precision rail adjuster, my dad kept up a steady flow of derogatory commentary. Approximately 30 seconds later, he suffered a bizarre jam where his favorite M1 Garand's bolt rode over the top of a full clip (I have never seen or heard of this, much less on a good M1). After some minutes of trying to fix it, he finally had to admit defeat and borrow the rail adjuster and wood block to pound the op rod back. The irony was tasty, even if he tried to accuse my AK's of infecting his firearms with "communist problems".

To make up for his hurt pride, I did let him shoot an AK...and surreptiously took a picture :

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(That should be a clickable thumbnail, so you can zoom in and see the nice, bone supported offhand postion! Even shooting an AK in the cold, wearing a redneck tuxedo instead of a shooting coat, his mind is elsewhere.)


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