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Cingular with a Motorola V220? Or, one of their other phones? Since at least some of the phone options are currently free ot cheap until Thursday...time is of the essence.

Or if you really hate cingular...vote for Sprint, though I *think* that most of my calling would be mobile to mobile on cingular.

I hate wierd ringtones, speakerphone features, and random breakable crap on phones, though I might get some use out of a camera phone for preventing "oh crap, how does this go back together" moments. I universally carry phones in my pocket, typically naked, but I suppose a "skin" case wouldn't kill me.


  • Comments...I demand lots of comments, not lurking!

    By Blogger Bob, at 8:55 AM  

  • Untill my current issues w/ Cingular I LOVED Cingular ... it works almost fuckin' ANYWHERE ... and the Cingular free mobile to mobile thing is an advantage if most of your calls will be to Cingular customers. I had no issues with dropped calls or anything like that. Plus, now that it is tied with AT&T wireless ... there are lots more Cingular customers that you can call free.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 11:25 AM  

  • I can only speak to my experiences with SprintPCS - they're the only provider I have used since I first got a mobile phone in May of 2000.

    Their coverage is great in large metro areas. And since I live and work near Boston, I get great coverage. My workplace has a Sprint tower right across the street, so that's helpful. Coverage on major highways is also very good. Coverage tends to be weak once I get out into the countryside, though amazingly they are starting to expand into rural areas. I have found very few places where I absolutely couldn't place a call, and those places where I couldn't, I really didn't want to anyway (e.g. while camping, hiking, etc).

    The phone I've been using for almost two years now is a Sanyo SCP-8100. It's one of their earlier model flip camera phones. It's quite solid and gets great reception. The camera is pretty crappy, but I don't use it very often.

    I'm not much for custom wallpapers, but I have found custom ringtones to be very useful. For the people that call me most frequently, I have custom ringtones set up so that I don't even have to look at the phone to know who is calling. The phone will also display a photo of the person who is calling, if available.

    Right now we pay about $65/month; $40 for a service plan with 500 anytime minutes and unlimited nights+weekends, plus $20 for an additional line for my wife, and about $5 in taxes/fees. We also signed a two-year contract, which gets us unlimited PCS-to-PCS calling for free (normally $5/month). We don't have any internet/text messaging/etc services. 95% of the calls we make are in between my phone and my wife's phone, so they're free. My parents and my sister all have SprintPCS phones, so we can talk to them for free as well.

    All in all we've been quite happy with them.

    By Anonymous Peter, at 11:51 AM  

  • Well, keep in mind the camera phone is neat...but not that useful, just a gimmick more than anything. Also, phones with cameras are bigger than standards phones. If you get a basic phone, they can be down right TINY! and size can play an important role on how comfortable it is to carry.

    Yes, Cingular sucks donkey dick...but they are the biggest player in town and they got good deals...just don't expect good costumer service or help.

    By Blogger Finite, at 11:57 AM  

  • Lee, which phone is yours?

    By Blogger Bob, at 2:08 PM  

  • and Lee would know about sucking donkey dick.

    By Blogger Dave, at 11:56 PM  

  • Bob, we use Verizon, with an LGVX 3200. Reception with this phone on Verizon in Southern Indiana blows Cingular out of the water. We tried with Cingular first but the reception was so awful out at our house that we took them back. Don't know how good/bad the coverage will be up in Michigan, though.

    By Blogger David Talcott, at 2:59 AM  

  • Hey, since this is Bob's cell phone forum . . .

    I am thinking about getting a Blackberry with Cingular so I can do email (gmail) anywhere. Any thouhgts?

    /Jake Allen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:44 AM  

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Gunar Benson has a blackberry, cingular, I think. I think he likes it.

    I do have the 30 day return thing on the cingular phone I got yesterday, so if it has spotty reception anywhere I should find it by then.

    By Blogger Bob, at 9:25 AM  

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