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Snippets from Law School:

  1. I just decided to write my ~7,000 word International IP term paper on the wild legal issues surrounding Russian digital music sites. Complicated, interesting stuff involved: from how communist countries still have residual centralized licensing, parallel imports without actual physical items crossing borders, conflict of laws, treaty compliance hypocrisy, etc, etc. At the very minimum it should be way more enjoyable to write than my other equally long papers here (stem cell legal issues and campaign finance issues relating to the DMCA). I may even post it here depending on how it comes out, since unlike the other two, it probably will be interesting to read.

  1. I have a professor that successfully sued and beat AOL in court on a billing issue by outsmarting their smarmy customer service people on the phone. It is, a very cool story that anyone that's ever dealt with AOL would love. When I grow up, I want to use my legal powers for good like that!

  2. I have been barely resisting the temptation to wade into the current gender discrimination discussions in Constitutional Law. Four hours a week of listening to very poor reasoned arguments from a handful of wildly, irrationally, extreme feminists, and equally poor responses from one or two chauvinistic, stereotyping idiots is very irritating. About the next time I hear the first group attack court reasoning merely on the ground of a justice's gender or past decisions or the second group spout off about “the weaker sex”...Well, lets just say if I'm tired and over-caffinated, some people may leave the room with a lowered intellectual self-image. I know, its shooting fish in a barrel, clubbing baby seals, etc....but so tempting.

  1. I've been noticing that I tend to respect and like professors that either make me think (*cough*, work hard), or are interesting to listen to. The rare professor that can combine interesting stories and life experiences with the ability to challenge me is nearly the holy grail of higher education. I have one right now, and that's a very nice feeling.


  • DAmn it BOB! Why are you not writing about the etical problems with two headed babies?!?

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 11:17 PM  

  • Club the baby seals! I've had it with radical feminists, and after spending a year at a Greek seminary I've had it with the chauvinists too. Club them all!

    By Blogger TeaLizzy, at 8:06 AM  

  • "When" you grow up? Don't you mean "if"? And isn't that whole "growing up" thing supposed to be remarkably unpleasant?

    By Blogger August., at 8:52 AM  

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