I ate my wafer...


I know, I'm a very slow and bad blogger, and it has already been discussed to death, but Hunter S. Thompson's recent passing is sadly premature. I consider Hunter to be one of the metaphorical blogging saints as nearly every blogger posts what amounts to gonzo journalism from time to time. In anycase, I personally saw Hunter S. Thompson as a Tom Wolfe with balls, with the good parts of the beat writers and Faulkner thrown in. Not to mention that Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas provides me with endless "As your attorney I advise you..." jokes, and away message quotes.

(One of my crazier friends, after viewing Fear and Loathing as his introduction to Hunter S. Thompson, commented that he thought that on the right drugs, I would probably be something like Dr. Gonzo...I'm still undecided as to whether that was an insult or a compliment.)


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