I ate my wafer...


I am, officially, a moron:

This semester, I have some classes that meet M-W, some that meet T-Th, and some that are only on W. Today, I discovered that Trademark is only a wednesday class, not a M-W. Now, since it is four weeks into the semester, one would think that I would have figured that out, but no, I'm too stupid for that. The first week, the class was canceled do to an emergency professor reassignment. The second week, the online syllabus listed class starting on wednesday, I think, so I assumed the Monday class was canceled. The third week, I napped through the Monday class, rather I THOUGHT I napped through it. Today...I thought I was several minutes late, and barged into a crowded auditorium full of 1L's who were in the middle of a career pep talk from the entire administration (the deans, career services, you name it). Yup, I walked in the front door expecting a class of 25, and discovered that I was front and center, deer in the headlights, in front of ~150. Sigh. So I finally checked the schedule, and discovered the truth.


  • Something similar happened to me. Ha.
    /jake allen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:00 AM  

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