I ate my wafer...


A piece of glass from my long ago car accident is working to the surface, the first one in years. Strangely, and probably psychosomatically, more than a normal number of formerly broken bones are also making their presence known today. It always amuses me that the aniversary of said accident tends to fall at the coldest part of the year, so the old injuries flare a bit. I suppose I should admit that other things that I injured in warm weather flare up in the cold too:

(via phone today)

Bob: Hey, what do you find works best on your old fractures when they hurt in the winter? Asprin?
Bob's Dad: Depends on which injury, the ribs....
Bob: Well even though it was a minor crack not a break like the pelvis and ribs, the finger I shut in the manhole cover is the annoying one.

Bob's Dad: Manhole cover? Do I want to know?
Bob: Oh, yeah, you didn't know about that. Nothing big, just dropped on my hand sneaking into a tunnel.
Bob's Dad: Yeah, I'd reccomend that you just try to keep it warm, that's worth more than the pain meds.


  • Asprin is the last thing I used for my fractures caused by manhole covers. Just make it Bayer it could save your life.

    By Blogger Ninja, at 8:37 PM  

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