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PCB’s and Pantyhose: Suprisingly hot topics.

A. PCB’s

<>So, I was sitting in Environmental Law today, minding my own business when the topic of what sorts of workplace safety laws the average union worker prefers came up. I contributed that I had worked with “a bunch of redneck machinists that waterproof their boots with PCB transformer oil, and dispose of chlorinated solvents in a pit behind the parking lot*.” The class reaction to that one was...interesting to say the least. At least one or two people tried to rationalize such behavior as resulting from unseen economic pressures, etc. Another student apparently works for a union, in the health care industry, and wanted to talk about how blue collar workers are actually obsessed with workplace safety and environmental protection. I rather pointedly mentioned the differences between a union full of RN’s and actual factory workers, which lead to yet another round of heated comments. The discussion was cut short before it could get really interesting, but apparently I accidentally attacked some sort of cherished liberal belief...and it was fun. Perhaps next, I should tell them about the farmer I know that sometimes mixes his roundup/scythe with diesel instead of water. Anyway, I think that the whole PCB thing was part machismo, part middle finger to the government regulations, part ignorance, and part related to the otherwise unhealthy lifestyles of the workers involved. Any thoughts? Do blue-collar workers really care about the environment and workplace safety?

B. Pantyhose

<>Speaking of topics that are much more controversial than I would have ever imagined, I got into a discussion several weeks ago about gender equality and dress codes. To be specific: whether prohibitions on bare legs are sexist, or otherwise bad. The question boils down to whether pantyhose is so uncomfortable, unnecessary, and unpractical as to be downright evil. Since I was pretty clueless to the whole issue, I’ve been trying to ask as many of my female acquaintances as possible about it.** Any thoughts? As of yet, I’m maintaining the position that any dress code that allows the alternative of a pantsuit cannot be sexist. I’m not certain about in social situations, but I think in more formal settings it is equivalent to all of the useless accessories that go with a man’s Tuxedo.

Oh, and for the amusement of former Galloway residents, I found the following quote in a book I’m reading on the history of beer brewing:

“According to an early Anglo-Saxon veterinary surgeon, nothing cheered a sheep up more than a little new ale poured quickly down its throat.”

*Yes, I know: The first rule of blogging it that you don’t talk about work, The second rule of blogging that you don’t talk about work. However, in this case, I think I’ve been vague enough that I should be OK, given the number of places I’ve worked, the time gap, etc.

**Which is difficult to do without looking like a pervert with a stocking fetish, or in the alternative as just a pervert with a leg fetish.


  • After I told you the whole practical burn issue for waitresses and pantyhose ... In an office setting, in my office there is no dress code saying I HAVE to wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses. I just do. Why? Because pantyhose disguise leg stubble and overly pale "I haven't had time to get to the beach this summer" legs. In the winter pantyhose help keep you warm. But then again I am not really a screaming feminist (the fact that I feel the need to disguise leg stubble as evidence to that fact.) And so I have never found hose "oppressive". I have always felt lucky that That at nasty hot weather it is appropriate for me to wear a short skirt to the office, while men must stump along in pants. No shorts allowed. Even while wearing pantyhose women have the better deal.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 3:32 PM  

  • After a quick poll of my med-school friends the results are:
    1)Pantyhose is equivalent to ties as far as being an unpractical clothing item.
    2)Any time a man needs to wear a tie a woman needs to wear pantyhose with her dress or skirt.
    3)Any woman that finds pantyhose uncomfortable and evil should probably purchase her pantyhose one size larger.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:04 PM  

  • or buy thigh-highs. That was my solution when I decided that in the winter it's too cold to just go barelegged when wearing a skirt, ignoring all thoughts of what is "proper" and "improper" as far as leg wear goes.

    By Blogger Jane, at 12:38 PM  

  • I agree. Panty-hose are most certainly evil and of the devil. If you buy them large enough not to hate them, they will fall off, which is why I hate them. Thigh-highs are considerably less evil, and knee-highs are just a thinner form of sock. All of the above, however, still make your feet sweat, and I have not experienced much warmth as a result of wearing them.
    That said, I don't believe pantyhose are sexist. Like Bob said, there's always the pantsuit. I'll take the thigh-highs.

    By Blogger TeaLizzy, at 8:10 AM  

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