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I like Mozilla firefox, I've been using it heavily for some months now, and it is everything IE 6.0 should be. (Especially with the "up level", "clone window", and bloglines extensions, I've recently added thanks to some very helpful suggestions.) However, I couldn't leave well enough alone, and tried to update my laptop (Dell Latitude D500, 1.3 Ghz Centrino, 512 MB RAM, XP Pro SP2) from RC1.0 to 1.0 today using the update tool under advanced options. It connected to the update server fine, downloaded and installed 1.0, but then refused to connect or load anything. So, I uninstalled it, downloaded 1.0 with IE and did a clean install...with the same problem. I then wasted another 30 minutes or so trying various combinations before doing a clean install of RC1.0, and reinstalling all my extensions and bookmarks. Did Mozilla outsource 1.0 to Microsoft's Windows ME team? Any ideas?


  • (after reviewing my advice, try step 6 FIRST, then the other ones)

    1. download and install ad-aware. run a full system scan (checking for spyware and adware, you never know what could be flubbing your comp)

    2. Download and install Stinger an all-in one antivirus software (if you don't have one already)

    3. Make sure you have ALL instances of Firefox/Firebird uninstalled and cleared off (you may need to download and run a Registry Cleaner, tho thats probly unneccessary).

    4. Run windowsupdate manually (windowsupdate.microsoft.com) to make sure you have everything copesetic.

    5. Download and install Firefox.

    6. Make sure your Windows SP2 Firewall is not blocking FireFox's access to the web. It's a little icon in the shape of a shield on the bottom right of your taskbar. When you launched firefox for the first time it should have prompted you, but I recommend just turning the Firewall off if you can't get it to work otherwise

    By Blogger D. Greene, at 12:57 AM  

  • I left out some technical detail, sorry:

    Ok...I run adware se, spybot sd, and hijack this once a week if I need it or not. I ran them again for the hell of it this morning when firefox 1.0 was acting retarded=nothing. I run NOD32 antivirus because I think it takes less resources to run than Norton, AVG, Stinger, etc, and it has cleaned infections for me that they couldn't in the past (better ability to clean a virus without a definition for it). So...I'm spyware/adware/virus free.

    I use Zonealarm Personal insead of the XP SP2 firewall, and one of the first things I tried was killing it. I also double checked to make sure that the XP one was off.

    Oh...I'm up to date as far as updates and drivers.

    Remember...when Firefox 1.0 wouldn't connect...Mozilla 1.7, IE 6.0, GAIM, etc all worked fine...as did RC1.0 as soon as I reinstalled it.

    By Blogger Bob, at 1:08 AM  

  • Damn. Well at this point I would just take all you've written hear and submit a bug report to the firefox dev team, since you've managed to stump me.

    By Blogger D. Greene, at 2:00 AM  

  • Ok, I fixed it. Its some wierd issue with ZoneAlarm...which was still resident as a process even though I closed it, and the systray icon was gone. So, I killed the process, uninstalled it, and reinstalled zonealarm, then used the upgrade feature in firefox...its all good now.

    By Blogger Bob, at 6:56 PM  

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