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Election Rehash.

Since I vote in Ohio, I was espicially happy to see Kerry concede promptly. Why?

A. I did not want to see CNN parked in my parent's yard for 36 days while votes were recounted across the street. I was pretty certain that my precinct would be flagged as a problem since their absentee ballots were never delivered, I watched the poll workers physically help a VERY senile old lady vote, Nader's name was merely covered with a strip of translucent tape in the ballot book, and finally, the ballot book part of my machine was loose enough that it could slide nearly a full canidate vertically.

B.Bush clearly won both the popular and electoral vote this time, so moveon.org, et al, can shut up about stolen elections. The American people may be morons, but they did not elect Kerry.

Gay marriage definitely won Ohio for Bush, or at least my part of Ohio. I know that isn't news to anyone at this point, but I was surprised given Ohio's existing defense of marriage law, conservative supreme court, and the horrible wording of the Ohio amendment. It was somewhat disturbing listening to uninformed voters that were convinced that they had to vote for Issue #1 or their own heterosexual marriages would cease to exist legally, that their pastor would have to marry homosexuals otherwise, etc.


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