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Election Edition

So, as I'll be voting for Kerry in a couple hours. Yes, I hate myself for it, but Ohio is a swing state, and I feel obligated after oh, the patriot act and don't want to kick myself for supporting the INDUCE act, the Anti-Pyramid Promotional Scheme Act, etc in the future. Best case, we'll get to see if my utilitarian conservatism works.

The problem is, well, Ohio will soon be home to a great deal of litigation over the election, and the people that may pick our next president just wrote this:

"There appears to be no dispute that there was a collision; the cow was not insured at the time of the collision; and that the cow caused the collision. The dispute in this case is whether the cow was a ?land motor vehicle? as defined in the policy. While a cow is designed for operation on land, we do not believe a cow is a ?motor vehicle.? The policy at issue does not separately define ?motor vehicle;? therefore we must look to the common, ordinary meaning of this term.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines ?motor vehicle? as, ?a self-propelled, wheeled conveyance that does not run on rails.? Id. at 817. A cow is self-propelled, does not run on rails, and could be used as a conveyance; however, there is no indication in the record that this particular cow had wheels. Therefore, it was not a motor vehicle and thus was not a ?land motor vehicle? as defined in the policy."

In other election related news, my dad read this, and is trying to convince me to vote on the 3rd.

And finally, I want to be Jenna Bush's liver for Halloween next year.


  • Bob!
    Did you see the thing here in WI ... where the car hit the buggy? Much horrible death of Amish folks. Very sad. The cow reminded me of that.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 12:59 PM  

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