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Fall Break:

I screwed up and deleted a long post I had written about fall break. It probably is just as well, as most of it would have been boring, so here's the soundbite version:

A. I changed the starter on my car. It took two days. It may not have been bad, even with funny noises and 210,000 miles. Changing it sucked. Autopart store minions are confused when you want to buy a rebuilt 1995 Camaro starter for an S-10. So, they sold me a late 1990's Corvette model instead, which wouldn't fit. After 4 hours of installing it, I discovered it wouldn't fit and drove the Chevelle back (a little faster than I should have) to get the S-10 starter that I was trying to avoid (much harder to install).

B. A zippo lighter magically appeared in my bathroom drawer at home. According to my dad, he just threw it in there on a whim. This does indicate that he maybe reading my blog.

C. My wine making project it moving along nicely.

D. I sent my AR in for anodize. Yes, I did this before, but it didn't get done.

E. I did a great deal of shooting. Greek 55grain 5.56x45mm will not function in a match barreled ar-15.


  • What? I don't even get a mention?

    By Blogger Finite, at 11:49 PM  

  • Well, the whole road trip thing will probably be another post.

    By Blogger Bob, at 12:27 AM  

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