I ate my wafer...


So, this afternoon, on my way over to the Bookstore to be violated for one of my two environmental Law books (this one=$102+tax), I ran into a somewhat pudgy, middle aged, woman sitting on her car with the hood up. As per usual, I asked her what the problem was, and it turned out that she had left her lights on early in the morning, and was waiting for Roadside Service to jump start her car. I peeked into the car, noticed that it was a manual transmission model, and asked the owner if she had ever push started a car. She replied that she had push started a VW bug 40 years ago, and sort of smiled about it (read=in a very disturbing sense, she was flirting). Anyway, I pushed her car some 50 meters up a slight hill until it was moving fast enough to start, it started, and she drove off immediately. Weird.


  • Bob,
    I have wasted my afternoon at work (well not really wasted ... I just wasn't doing much work) trying to explain the Hillsdale Student Sexual mentality to Matt Geurts. Matt went to Jacob Allen's Blog and was confused as to why a man would complain about skimpy outfits on Volleyball players. It just once again reinforces the idea ... Hillsdale is in the world but not of the world.

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 5:23 PM  

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