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Some of you probably remember that none of the variations on the Myer-Briggs or Jung Typology Tests work with me whatsoever. If I take the tests quickly, without thinking too much about the answers, my resaults vary dramatically from day to day. If I think about the questions too much, I can barely answer because I know that my actually answers would depend on many situational factors not listed in the test.

Examples: (from here, and typed rapidly, typos and all)

"You get pleasure from solitary walks: YES/ NO"

My thought process:
Hmm, it depends...I like to take solitary walks sometimes, but is that just because noone is around, or because I'm actually looking for solitude. I do like to walk in the rain at night, but is that better or worse if other people are there?...It depends on the people, and the night, and the rain, and my day, and the area I'm walking in, and what other things I have to do that day, and how cold the rain is, or might there be stars visible, but then it would probably be cold, and whether I've walked alone recently...the last time I took a solitary walk, I wandered into a crappy part of town, and that sucked....but it might not always suck, because sometimes that slightly on edge feeling is nice, but sometimes it isn't, it depends on the what kind of a mood I'm in, and what if i sometimes feel lonely even walking with other people.....

"You feel more comfortable sticking to conventional ways YES/NO"

My thought process:
conventional ways of what? seducing sheep? I do like naturally carbonating my homebrew, but I also like using commerical liquid yeast, rather than just hoping that the beer spirts send the right wild yeast like everyone did up to 1900...crap, I need to get my beer into bottles soon...but maybe I should keg it all instead...I'm sort of ethically conventional, but I'm nearly a rabid member of the ACLU and the EFF, but I dislike gun control, but I dislike the rabid elements of the NRA...hmm, maybe by convention, they mean things that other people do...what other people, my friends, or normal people, which groups of my friends are conventional,

I think I just discovered that the run of the mill internet quizes don't work either:

This one is the current object of discussion over at the Highlands Alumni Group. I took it as utterly fast as possible, with minimal thinking.

My resualts:

Gender Identity
Are You More Masculine or Feminine?

Bob, you're 90% feminine

This is based on how you scored on a variety of traits that, founded on classic research and our own studies, are typically associated with women.You're also 10% masculine, which is based on how you scored on traits that are typically associated with men. When we compare your results with other men it shows that you are somewhatmore feminine than other men.But what is gender identity exactly? A person's gender identity is defined by the extent to which they see themselves as masculine or feminine. Every person possesses both masculine and feminine qualities to some degree, however the extent to which each person has these qualities differs widely. While you were taking the test, we calculated your scores in 6 areas typically defined as masculine and 6 areas typically defined as feminine.


  • Oh Bob ... I gave up hope on the criminal justice system a long time ago ... I have personally known too many bad cops and crappy judges ( I have also known woderful cops and incredible judges ... but most are mediocre to bad) As far as this post ... I think you are just trying to explain away being feminine. But hey think of it this way ... you do what you want with out any regard for what is considred culturaly correct for your sex. No one who knows you would ever consider you "girly" or "Fem".

    By Blogger TheAmber, at 9:44 AM  

  • Oh, don't worry, I'm not insecure about my 90% rating, I find it hillarious. I do think that ALL of the internet based tests of that ilk don't work on me whatsoever. I was mainly interested in how the hell other people make them work.

    By Blogger Bob, at 10:27 AM  

  • well, you did notice that the test is based on some highly unscientific cliches, didnĀ“t you? for the record, I scored a 59 percent feminen.

    By Blogger Krupa, at 12:51 PM  

  • Bob, congratulations on being a woman...I never thought you would make it, but it's the fruit of long efforts. ;-)

    By Blogger TeaLizzy, at 9:42 PM  

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