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That Damn Osama Game...

If you get an AOL IM that references http://www.wgutv.com, DO NOT GO THERE, DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING FROM THERE!

OK, this seems to be spreading around the people on my IM Buddy list. DO NOT LET http://www.wgutv.com install anything on your computer...I'll admit it, I was fooled by the damn thing, a good friend "sent" it to me, so I played with it, then promptly ran Spybot and Adaware (my standard reaction to such things). The annoying part is that once you catch it, it sends messages to everyone on your buddy list, purporting to be you, inviting others to join in the fun. Anyway, as of yesterday, spybot and adaware didn't pick up on it, and I figured all was cool, until I started to think about it, and check my ZoneAlarm logs, only to see the #@$%@#$% program trying to establish outbound connections. So, if you've played this little game, uninstall it! It is listed as "PSDT Messaging Integration" and "PSD Tools ChannelUp v.1.0", remove them both!

Since I'm on the whole topic of adware, spyware and virus prevention:

ALL Windows users should:

A. Run Windows Update about once a week, or enable it to run automatically.

B. Run and install the free version of ZoneAlarm. (yes there are other firewall programs out there, but half of them don't really work, like BlackIce. I highly reccomend using the SheildsUP website to test your firewall as well.

C. Download at least one of either Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy...you can run both in combination. I try to run them both after everytime I see anything suspicious...like the game above, and I also use them maybe once every 2 weeks or so as a preventative measure. Of the two, Spybot is probably the best.

D. Aquire a good anti-virus program. I don't personally find it necessary to have one installed at all times, so I tend to only download the trial version of Eset's NOD32 when I suspect that I have a problem. I personally like NOD32 better than Norton, McCaffey, etc, because it uses less resources and has worked well for me in the past. NOD32 is updated slightly slower than the others.

Finally, if you have questions, feel free to ask me, I like talking about this sort of thing!

Finally, my apologies to those whe received "adware" messages from me, I tried to remember to kill my internet connection while I purposefully reinfected my computer and experimented with it, but I slipped up a couple of times.


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