I ate my wafer...


Suggestions wanted for "The Wafer" Version 2.0

I am slowly becoming convinced that I should migrate away from blogger, and any suggestions as to which way to go would be appreciated. Currently, I am considering WordPress, TypePad, and MT. Of the blogs I read, MT is the most common, but seem to share a few little hangups in the comment feature loading slowly and occasionally incompletely.

This maybe a problem unique to me, but when I'm reading blogs I like to highlight terms and copy & paste into google for more information. (I often use the google deskbar for this). It maybe intentional, but certain weblogs that I read are very annoying when it comes to highlighting: you can highlight a single word by double clicking on it, but any attempt to "click and drag" resaults in all sort of wierd behavior. This is a feature that I do NOT want on my "I ate my wafer" version 2.0.

As far as layout, I'm interested in doing something invloving transparency, and a vareity of underlying images that I could change depending on the topic of the post.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions.