I ate my wafer...


Road Trip Karma

Drove down to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend...had a good time celebrating Christopher's birthday.

-Exactly a year ago, I attempted to make the same trip, and had my car break down on I-75 near Findlay. It was 30 degrees with rain and wind that night, and I spent nearly four hours working on it in the ditch. It was, without a doubt, one of the most utterly miserable four hours I've been through, mostly because I did give up and have it towed. Granted, on the upside, I slept in an amusing motel (charged by the hour, offered women...among other things). Also, I did redeem some of my pride the next morning by fixing my own car when the service station mechanic was too hungover to work. (Bad Ignition module=30 minute fix in daylight). Anyway, in the four hours that I fought with it, out in the cold, wet, windy hell, at least four different people stopped to see if they could help.

-So, anyway, only about 3 miles into the trip this year, I drove by a high school kid with a broken down Pontiac...I thought about it for a minute, then decided that I really would feel better, even though I was running late, if I turned around and helped him. With the weather rapidly turning to crap, and heavy traffic, it wasn't much fun, but it only took 15 minutes to trace down his electrical problem and get him back on his way. So, with my road trip karma restored, I proceeded down to Columbus without incident.

-The corner liqour store near Chrisopher's house has to be the only place I've been where people seriously watch Al Jazeera .

-I really need to be productive now, but I may post about the weekend's other amusing bits, such as my keg stand injury at the hands of gay men, and the crackheads that stole Christopher's car.