I ate my wafer...


I look like a hippy!

I started out the weekend with two goals:

A. See Silliman before he leaves Hillsdale.

B. Get a haircut.

Despite a decent effort on my part I totally failed on both fronts.

But, I did do some interesting things:

I discovered that the Hillsdale Autozone sells German made(US made Castrol Syntec is overpriced, and not actually Synthetic) Castrol Syntec 0W30 "GC" which is a highly advanced motor oil totally unavailble in Lansing. (I bought 6 quarts that will probably wind up in my mom's car).

I saw my parents in the other lane in Pioneer, OH, and followed them up to Hillsdale to the Gun and Knife Show. I barely made it around to see all of the tables because of the large number of friends that I ran into, but it was worth seeing. Hillariously, I introduced Dick Stack to my Dad which was rather similar to intoducing puppies to each other. They sort of circled each other finding common grounds, namely that we happen to have a stash of South Bend Lathe parts, and Mr. Stack has a 9" South Bend Lathe. Not that we've ever had a South Bend...but we have a stash of parts and my dad knows a great deal about rebuilding them. Anyway, they talked to each other while I ran around the last couple of tables. After I finally drove back down to Montpelier, I was too tired to drive up to Hillsdale Saturday night.

I did make it to Christ Church this morning (early actually). Service was pretty decent, and thankfully, the Q&A period after the sermon was breif and therefore didn't irritate Danielle's Catholic upbringing too much:-) Although I missed the meal afterwards, I did sneak one of Mrs. Stack's very tasty cookies in the parking lot. (I skipped the meal at church, and also opted out of Salmon at the Miller's in order to get a haircut before going back to Lansing) Anyway, the haircut place was packed, so I have missed 3 opportunities to get a haircut in the last week, and I look like a hippy.

I switched just switched my laptop to Fedora Core 1.0 from Mandrake. Being that I couldn't find a "Freedom Linux" version of Mandrake, and that Mandrake's support for my Pentium M processor sucked, and I'm too pressed for time to compile enough stuff to make Mandrake work, it seemed like a good idea. I am still running Mandrake on my Desktop, mainly because it works and I'm lazy.