I ate my wafer...


So I was originally thinking about post something about Graduation, and how sad it is to leave, etc. However, there really isn’t much point to it; everyone is going though the same kind of emotional thing so it would just be depressing to write about it. Something I will note is that the sadness seems to come in waves, at least for me. Unfortunately, I’ve been sort of an ass to people several times do to this, namely to the various people assembled on my porch last evening. I’m sorry guys; you didn’t deserve to be made fun of and the brunt of my excessive sarcasm.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I went to church this morning at Christ Church (Dr. Willson’s). I hadn’t planned on going to church this morning, but I was awake early enough, and I’ve always found liturgical services to be sort of reassuring in times of transition. So, I snuck in the back row a minute or two late and was having a hard time following along without a bulletin, as the 1928 book of common prayer is very close, but slightly different from my beloved Lutheran “Red Book” . In any case, I stumbled along wishing that I had a bulletin until the “Welcome and announcements” part of the service. Dr. Willson extolled the virtues of the various graduating seniors that regularly attend Christ Church, and surprised the crap out of me by pointing me out at the end of his speil, specifically that I had completed the entire history major in my senior year, after switching from Physics. At this point an older couple sitting in front of me turned around to take a look at me, noticed that I didn’t have a bulletin and passed me theirs. After the service was over, they struck up a conversation with me, and it turned out that they were Emily Stack’s parents. To make a long story short, Mr. Stack is really quite interesting; he has a similar range of mechanical hobbies to my own. So anyway, within seconds he and I were swapping all kinds of stories, and there is nothing more fun than a fresh audience for old stories! We talked about blacksmithing, forges, aluminum casting, stirling engines, lathes, plasma cutters, welding, and pretty much all of my time wasting mechanical hobbies. To make a long story short:

A. I may start going to church there more often...it is certainly an incentive.
B. My life is highly ironic…often involving churches (old high school story you’ve all already heard deleted for brevity) I’m quite amused at accidentally befriending Stack’s father in the context of my last post, etc.