I ate my wafer...


(I have a couple of interesting half-finished posts on the role of science in the Liberal Arts, and cryptography, but I’m not motivated to finish them today…call it ennui. I was happy to see the amount of feedback to the metzger sucessor contest, if nothing else it was nice to know that people ocassionally read my ramblings here, or at least followed Metzger's link. )

So, we threw a decent little party last evening. And for those of you who might wonder after last weekend, it was a PG affair, thankfully. As per usual, no one arrived before 11:00; apparently the hours between 11:00 and 4:00 AM are much more preferable than drinking from say 8:00 to midnight. In any case there was rampant drunkenness as we managed to drink the last 75% of a half barrel of Rolling Rock, about 2 gallons of homebrew, and random hard alcohol. I got to see “sensual angelical evangelism” first hand, and encouraged it, which, since neither of the participants read this, I will admit that I did indeed “accidentally” lock Krupa and Stack out on the roof to encourage them. Thankful, they didn’t freeze to death, and were reasonable friendly when I opened the window back up an hour or so later. Also, last night included drinking by all of my housemates, which is particularly rare, and fun. I swear that if I ever build another Kegorator, it will have quick connect fittings, because switching from a keg to homebrew after drinking is not easy or fun.

Oddly, I didn’t feel all that great this morning, which is almost unheard of for me. I didn’t think that I drank THAT much, but I suppose that I didn’t keep track either. There is also the possibility that my wheat ale has a lot of congeners in it. In any case, I pretty much felt like crap for a couple hours, until I ate Lunch (the food cured it??!!??). Either that or I’m getting old and losing touch with drinking.

This evening Metzger and I are going to the Hunt Club with Dr. Tsao and Dr. Blum, which may prove interesting. Followed by Mustard house drinking...ahh...what a way to exit college.

Prizio has a nice post that touches on collecting unused objects. For the last couple of days, I've been working on packing up my room, and certainly becoming very aware of how much random unused crap I keep around. I seem to have the pack rat instinct genetically, as both of my parents do the same thing. Just looking around my desk here in front of me, i see several sppons, a can of wd-40, a broken file, an uncompleted ar-15 receiver, several "coaster" Cd-R's that I never use, and about 8 locks in various stages of brokeness.