I ate my wafer...


The entire time that I was reading Metzger’s post about his progeny here on this campus, I was thinking that I wanted to make snide comments, so this post is mainly an excuse to use my comment feature for that. I suggest that there should be “Metzger points” for:


The ability to put off papers until weeks after the due date, asking for endless extensions and still wasting time with video games is key. I don’t know Hugger well enough to call this one.

Disrespect for Authority:
By this I mean Metzger’s affinity for smoking in the E.A.R, Drunkenly offering his Black Russian to Dr. Tsao, “learning the wrong things” and telling Captain Arrn off. I have to say that I think that Silliman is winning this one hands down with his position as the Collegian editor.